With over 20,000 people expected at this massive festival in the centre of Bristol. Admission is £3 before 5pm, and £5 after 5pm to see the headline acts.

All the food and produce on sale at the event is 100% plant-based, and the show sees over 140 stalls, specialist caterers, juice bars, talks, cookery demos, performance, comedy hours, live music, a kids area, a cinema, 2 stages, headline acts and a host of festival capers going on for the whole weekend. During the day the emphasis is on information, education, shopping, eating and kids' activities, and then in the evening attention turns to dancing, partying, eating and drinking.


The show represents a unique opportunity for businesses, charities, campaigners, organisations and individuals to touch base with tens of thousands of like-minded people; and with low admission fees, the show is set to be packed out. Partly thanks to the superb weather, 2013 saw around 20,000 visitors over 3 days, who were treated to an awesome mix of great food and info during the day, and terrific music at night from Happy Mondays, Peter Hook, Caravan Palace, the Abyssinians and others. Very encouraging stats too from feedback forms on the day – 1/3 of our visitors were omnivores, 1/3 were veggie and the other third vegan, and nearly 2 out of 3 people who were not vegan indicated a desire to shift their diet towards more plant-based options. Full feedback here www.bristol.vegfest.co.uk/feedback


Stalls, sponsorship, media partnerships, advertising and marketing are all available for arguably the most vibrant veggie event of the year in the UK – not to mention the biggest.

For more info about VegfestUK Bristol, visit the website www.bristolvegfest.co.uk, or contact the office by email at info@vegfest.co.uk or by phone on 0117 3079872.

VegfestUK is running 3 big shows in 2014

VegfestUK Brighton March 29th 30th, www.brighton.vegfest.co.uk

VegfestUK Bristol May 23rd 24th 25th, www.bristol.vegfest.co.uk

VegfestUK London dates TBA www.london.vegfest.co.uk

VegfestUK PO Box 333 Bristol BS99 1NF 0117 3079872 info@vegfest.co.uk www.vegfest.co.uk



There are over 140 stalls available at VegfestUK Bristol. Options include 2m x 2m, 3m x 2m, 4m x 2m and 6m x 2m stalls in the Main Marquee. There is also the Amphitheatre Marquee with cheaper pitches available, and charity pitches too. Then there are the outside pitches - 3m x 3m Traders & Charity pitches (bring your own gazebo), and Caterers pitches (3m x 6m, 6m x 6m). There is a 3rd day option (Friday evening), available for caterers and outdoor pitches. Both marquees are shut on Friday.

Discounts are available for small campaigners, small not for profit groups and small charities. If you would like to apply for a discounted rate stall please contact the office. Please note that the emphasis is on ‘small’ - these discounted stalls are subsidised by the other stallholders and sponsors, and there are only limited numbers available.

Car + Van Parking 3 day permits (Friday 10am – Monday 10am) for our open air carpark adjacent to the site (suitable for any size vehicle, with easy access to the site all weekend) are available priced £50 + vat. Please note there is no camping or overnight sleeping permitted on site or in the carpark.

Electricity is available on request at an extra charge

All stall prices are subject to VAT at 20%

Prices for stalls at Bristol 2014 are as follows

1 Main Marquee


2m x 2m 2 day stall £375 + VAT
3m x 2m 2 day stall £500 + VAT
4m x 2m 2 day stall £650 + VAT
6m x 2m 2 day stall £975 + VAT

Charity Rate
2m x 2m 2 day stall £275 + VAT
3m x 2m 2 day stall £350 + VAT
4m x 2m 2 day stall £495 + VAT

1 Amphitheatre Marquee


2m x 2m 1 day stall £175 + VAT
2m x 2m 2 day stall £295 + VAT
4m x 2m 1 day stall £325 + VAT
4m x 2m 2 day stall £495 + VAT

Charity Rate
2m x 2m 1 day stall £110 + VAT
2m x 2m 2 day stall £195 + VAT
4m x 2m 1 day stall £220 + VAT
4m x 2m 2 day stall £395 + VAT

1 Outdoor Pitches

Charity Rate

3m x 3m 1 day stall £150 + VAT
3m x 3m 2 day stall £250 + VAT
3m x 3m 3 day stall £350 + VAT

3m x 3m 1 day stall £250 + VAT
3m x 3m 2 day stall £395 + VAT
3m x 3m 3 day stall £495 + VAT

3m x 6m 2 day stall £575 + VAT
3m x 6m 3 day stall £695 + VAT
6m x 6m 2 day stall £795 + VAT
6m x 6m 3 day stall £995 + VAT

1 Electricity
13 amp power point 1 day £50 + VAT
13 amp power point 2 day £70 + VAT
13 amp power point 3 day £90 + VAT
32 amp power point 1 day £90 + VAT
32 amp power point 2 day £135 + VAT
32 amp power point 3 day £180 + VAT

3 day permit Friday 10am – Monday 10am
Any size vehicle
£50 + VAT



We offer some very focused and cost effective advertising through our website, e-bulletin and event programme.

Estimated 200,000 visitors in the run up to the show. Options include advertising on every page. Website will stay live for a minimum of 3 years, probably longer, and will continue to attract at least 30 visits a day long after the show itself

Event programme
We produce 25,000 copies of the 64-page B5 colour programme (8,000 printed and 17,000 online) that are distributed before and during the event. Our 2013 programme is available for download here http://bristol.vegfest.co.uk/files/adverts/VegfestUKBristol2013EventProgramme64_B5_Web.pdf

Our monthly e-bulletins are sent out to over 12,000 veggie-friendly subscribers, built up over the years from our shows and awards. Our July 2013 e-bulletin is available here http://sut5.co.uk/l/c.php?c=289&ct=133933

Stallholders description on website and in event programme - £50 + VAT
Enhance your presence at the event with a 50 word description and your logo and link added to the website and into the programme.

Advertising in the Event Programme
B5 48-page colour free 25,000 copies (prices for finished artwork only)
1/4 pg £140 + VAT
1/2 pg £255 + VAT
1 pg £450 + VAT

E-bulletin inserts (12,000 + recipients)
(80 words + link & logo)
1 inserts £55 + VAT
2 inserts £95 + VAT
6 inserts £225 + VAT

Advertising on website - £125 + VAT
Your advert appears on every page of the event website for minimum of 3 years
(4 flashing panels, size 125 x 125 pixels. Price includes cost of design)



Sponsoring VegfestUK Bristol is a unique opportunity to touch base with literally hundreds of thousands of veggies, vegans & meat reducers – Bristol has the largest concentration anywhere on the planet!

Whatever your business, organisation or charity we'll work with you to make sure your sponsorship achieves to its highest potential. Contact the office to discuss your requirements – we can customise a sponsorship package for you depending on your aims and budget.


Options include
• Stall space and electricity at the show
• Naming rights of certain areas of the show
• Logos or names on 60,000 event flyers and 4,000 posters
• Branding on event banners (large banners on fencing)
• Own Pages, product shots and editorial on the event website (200,000 visits, live for min. 3 years)
• Logos and links on every page of the event website
• Inserts and Adverts in the E- bulletin (over 12,000 subscribers)
• Logos on event advertising (local and national)
• Editorial and Adverts in the programme (25,000 free copies)
• Excellent word of mouth amongst the UK veggie community
• Promotion through our Facebook (5,000 likes) and Twitter (3,000 followers)
• Your own press release written and circulated by our PR experts


Show Sponsor £5000
Supersize Sponsor £3000
Extra Large Sponsor £2000
Large Sponsor £1000
Medium Sponsor £500

Supporter £250
Friend £100
Well Wisher £50

All prices subject to VAT @ 20%



VegfestUK extends a warm welcome to our media partners who benefit from positive exposure at the show in return for promoting the event through their own media channels.

VegfestUK offers the following benefits to our Media Partners
• Discounted Stall Space at our events
• Free advertising in our event programme
• Free inserts in our e-bulletin
• Free advertising through our Social Networking
• Mention in our official press releases



Product Placements are ideal for those who either have new lines out to promote, or who cannot make the show but would like their products placed at the show along with their promotional material. All product donors receive coverage on our social media.

VegfestUK Bristol offers the following options for placement - There are no charges for either of these options

• Our Goody Bags - ideal for smaller samples - we have 500 Goody Bags available at Bristol in 2014 and you can place items in all or some of them. There is also the option to include your promotional material for substantial donations.

• Our Tombola - By the Main Entrance and Main marquee, every visitor walks past our Tombola and most of them visit it. Your products will be displayed in front of thousands of visitors along with your promotional material. Ideal for samples of all sizes.

Please contact the office for further details.


Show Director
Tim Barford
info@vegfest.co.uk | 0117 3079872

VegfestUK | PO Box 333 | Bristol | BS99 1NF

VegfestUK Bristol | May 23rd 24th 25th 2014

For more information about our other shows in 2014 please contact the office to request a sales pack

VegfestUK Brighton | March 29th 30th 2014