Just to let you know that we are open as usual for design, print and advertising orders. You can order online or via phone 0117 953 6363 and delivery is still running as usual.

With many years experience of working within the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, we specialise in providing cost effective print and promotional solutions that deliver real results to participants, venues and promoters.


Outdoor posters are an essential element of any Fringe performers marketing campaign to support their Edinburgh shows. Working in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council, we have a wide range of highly visible, centrally located outdoor poster advertising sites throughout Edinburgh city centre available exclusively for Fringe promoters and venues to promote their shows.

All sites are in prime central locations and ideally positioned for maximum visibility around the Fringe performance areas with sites outside the main venues, busy pedestrian walkways and main traffic routes and transport hubs


First release bookings open 9th March 2020, all stock is on a first come, first served basis and once it's gone, it's gone.

We have some new formats, extra stock in high demand areas and some new sites.

This is your last chance to raise the profile and generate awareness of your show using official poster space within the Fringe Outdoor Poster scheme, rates start from £24!


Unfortunately, due to this fast moving situation, we are unable to accept any further orders for outdoor advertising at this year's Edinburgh Fringe, pending an announcement from the Fringe Society on Weds 1st April.


During 2015, we produced a 'behind the scenes' film to show the scale and scope of the outdoor advertising scheme, take a look...

Edinburgh Fringe 2020

With many years experience of working at the Edinburgh Fringe, we specialise in providing cost effective print and promotional solutions that deliver real results to brands, publishers, venues and promoters.

From discussing your ideas and design concepts to printing production and actual distribution on the street - we are unique in Edinburgh by offering all these services under one roof. Whether you require a weekly team of merchandisers to distribute magazines to commuters, posters/flyers to retail outlets or an effective Fringe Festival campaign, we can help and ensure a good return on investment for your budget.