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We offer extremely cost-effective print production, innovative graphic design, and highly targeted flyer and product sample distribution.

Flyer Specialists

Out of Hand is the UK's leading Flyer company - Designing, Printing & Distributing literally millions of flyers each year. If you're in a real hurry, we can print your flyers in 24hours.


As well as producing over 30 million flyers a year, we print posters, tickets, banners, stationery, magazines, brochures and anything else you may need.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor posters are an essential element of any marketing campaign and we offer affordable advertising and a viable alternative to illegal flyposting for the arts, music, cultural and local business community across the South West and South Wales.


Whether designing from scratch or developing existing branding, we can quickly turn around eye catching and affordable material that will appeal directly to your audience.


With a comprehensive regional and national distribution network of clubs, bars, shops, cafes and street teams in place, if you have a product to showcase, or an event to promote to the 18-35 year old market we can make sure the message gets across.


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Edinburgh Fringe 2023

The largest arts festival in the world – working in partnership with The City of Edinburgh Council, we offer outdoor advertising spaces to all performers and venues. We also print hundreds of thousands of flyers / leaflets and posters for Fringe shows. We offer flyer and poster distribution to indoor outlets and on the street with our promotional teams undertaking hand to hand activity in all the hot spots throughout the city centre.

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